Simply put, IRS Inc. offers the finest investor meeting service program available: Executive Briefings with buy and sell side analysts, Portfolio Managers Roundtables, Meetings with key stockbrokers, and private meetings with large shareholders. In effect, we are an important extension of your investor relations department. Investor Relations Support does not buy or sell stocks, write speeches and press releases, or produce annual reports. We do plan and orchestrate hundreds of quality meetings each year in more than 50 major financial centers in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Bermuda and Nassau. And, as an independent third-party organization, we are viewed as an impartial sponsor by analysts, portfolio managers, and brokers. So when we extend an invitation on your behalf, it is likely to initiate a positive street response. Because we specialize in meetings, we know, by name, the people you want to reach. And we continually qualify our audience to confirm that we're up to date on the most influential people in the investment community

We have organized and conducted field trips seminars and conferences for major corporations and entities such as the NASDAQ National Market.

We have earned a reputation for executing crisp, no-nonsense meetings. They start on time. And end on time. We know when and where to hold a meeting. Where to sit people. What to serve them. And can give you advice on what to say. As meeting consultants, we take care of the most minute details – from initial contact to final applause. And we can report the performance time after time, in city after city. In short, Investor Relations Support, Inc. offers a level of objectivity, quality and consistency in a meeting program that no other organization can duplicate. ThatŐs why we are privileged to have such a blue chip client list.

Investor Relations Support, Inc. is so confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of the audience and execution of the meeting that we offer this straightforward guarantee: If you do not like it, you do not pay our fee.

Did you get your message across? Was the meeting a success? Investor Relations Support, Inc. will ask attendees after each meeting to evaluate precisely what was accomplished. When all is said and done, results are the bottom line. Our meetings get results.

Scores of corporations rely on our group to plan, organize and run their meetings. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, give us a call. We will be happy to set up a comprehensive meeting program for you.

Thornton W. Marshall (Yale University B.A.) has spent 35 years in the financial markets having worked for ten years at Manufacturers Hanover Trust in New York as an investment officer and ten years at the Wall Street firm of Wood Walker & Co., first as head of institutional sales, then as general partner. In 1970, Wood Walker merged with Legg Mason & Co. of Baltimore, Maryland and he then became a Senior Vice president of Legg Mason, Wood Walker & Co. In 1973, he moved to Advest, Inc., Hartford, Connecticut as a Senior Vice President in the Advest Financial Communications Division. He left to co-found Investor Relations Support, Inc. in August, 1989.

Henry E. Russell, Jr. (Harvard University B.A.) was publisher of Harvard Magazine for several years where he developed his skills in marketing and communications. He joined Advest, Inc. in 1977 and became Executive Vice President and then President of Advest Financial Communications. In August of 1989, he left Advest to co-found Investor Relations Support, Inc. Together with Ambassador Talcott Seelye (ret.), as president of International Research Services, Mr. Russell co-authors the Middle East Update and travels annually to that part of the world with key analysts and portfolio managers drawn from the major U.S. and Canadian investment firms.

Robert R. Nagle has more than 20 years experience in investor relations ranging from small and mid-cap firms to the Fortune 100. Areas of expertise include international investor relations, floor specialist and exchange relations and stock repurchase programs where he recently managed a ten million share buy-back program. Reflecting his reputation of Wall Street, Nagle has been voted among "America's Best" investor relations professionals by the readers of Institutional Investor Magazine. He has an MBA degree from Babson College and has worked extensively with senior managements in formulating various investor relations programs

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